Safran unveils TWO new business class seats!


Safran Seats created a stir at this week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) with the reveal of two new business-class seat models: Vue and Unity. Both models have been designed in-house, with an internal design challenge set during the Covid-19 lockdowns to devise modular architectures that would enable airline customisation while minimising lead-time to market. The successful entries were then developed through Safran’s product management process.

Vue, a long-haul narrowbody model. Is designed with a space-efficient LOPA and an experience comparable to that of a widebody business class seat. It is no coincidence that Vue is a homonym for view, as the reverse herringbone design sees every seat face the aircraft windows. The cabin-dense layout still enables a long bed with plenty of foot space, direct aisle access, and privacy (which can be increased with an optional door).

Safran’s Vue long-haul narrowbody business-class seat

AIX visitors are not quite the first to see Vue though, as Safran has already secured two launch customers (currently undisclosed), one for the Airbus A320 family, and the other for the Boeing 737 family. The seats will enter into service in 2023.

Vue comes with a view – and IFE

The second seat reveal, Unity, has also been selected by two airlines. This forward-facing seat creates a spacious and luxurious passenger envelope, with direct aisle access, multiple storage areas and a generous cushion width and bed length. The seat is private, but it can be taken to another level with an optional door, and even with the option of an increased shell height.

Unity is a design-rich, feature-rich widebody seat. We will run further details in the next issue of Aircraft Interiors International

Unity has already been selected by two customers and is available on widebody aircraft such as Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus A350. The seat will enter into service in 2023.

The Unity in-seat experience. We can see where Safran Seats’ teams get their design inspiration from…

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