Boom Supersonic partners with JPA Design to develop interior for Mach-2.2 airliner


Supersonic commercial air travel could become a reality once more if the plans of Boom Supersonic, the Colorado company developing Overture, a Mach-2.2 commercial airliner, come to fruition. The project is progressing, with today’s announcement that the company has partnered with aviation and hospitality design specialist, JPA Design to develop the cabin interior.

Working in collaboration with Boom’s internal team, JPA Design will reimagine the onboard passenger experience with the goal of creating a tranquil, stress-free journey from the moment a passenger steps on board. JPA Design says that by overseeing the whole cabin interior, its design team will be able to tailor the best seating options on the market, maximise cabin flexibility, and collaborate closely with airlines – such as Virgin Atlantic, which has signed options for the aircraft – to help create configurations that deliver on both passenger experience and commercial success. Overture is intended to offer airline passengers a travel option twice as fast as any other, at the same price as today’s business-class airfares.

“Our ambition is for travel on Overture to be exceptional in every way. Passengers will fly more than twice as fast as on today’s subsonic flights, and they will witness the curvature of the Earth from large, personal windows at 60,000ft,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic. “We are excited to partner with JPA Design to deliver a truly iconic interior design and passenger experience that goes beyond anything commercial aviation has ever seen.”

You can see previous cabin design ideas for Overture HERE.

Boom is currently assembling XB-1, a Mach-2.2 demonstrator aircraft, to prove key technologies for safe, efficient supersonic travel. The data collected from XB-1 test flights will help refine the design of Overture.

boom supersonic jet

The proposed aircraft design by Boom Supersonic

For more insights into what the supersonic passenger experience could look like, we have expert opinion in this EXCLUSIVE FEATURE.

“We have a long history of engagement with the world’s top airlines, along with strong relationships in the supply chain, and we’ll leverage these assets as we define the Overture experience with Boom,” said Ben Orson, JPA Design’s managing director. “We are deeply excited to partner with Boom, a company that shares our belief in the potential of design and technology to transform how we live and also, our desire to re-examine the entire passenger journey. We are keen to explore how this exceptional aircraft can change every aspect of how we fly.” 

Flying so high you can see the curvature of the earth, and all other planes are just slow-moving dots beneath you. Boom and JPA Design plan to create a fantastic passenger experience by capitalising on the unique view

Visitors to Paris Air Show, 2019 can learn more about Boom at Chalet Row C, #24 on 17-23 June.

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