Deutsche and Factorydesign collaborate on sustainable interiors


The engineering team at Deutsche Aircraft is working on a remodelling of the Dornier 328 short-haul aircraft, to make a more environmentally friendly concept: the D328eco.

The focus on sustainability is being applied to the airframe, as well as the interior, and the German aircraft manufacturer has commissioned London-based design agency, Factorydesign, to create an all-new cabin interior including sidewalls, ceilings, overhead compartments, bulkheads and partitions, galley, lavatory and seating, and a more engaging boarding area.

Factorydesign’s goal is to redefine the cabin through design features, with attention to sustainable materials and processes, and consideration given to the passenger experience, crew requirements and operations.

“It is clear that the future success of aviation at all levels will be determined by the airframers’ thoughtful attention to sustainability, passenger experience, and providing airlines with options to improve their flexibility.  As such, we are naturally delighted to be working for Deutsche Aircraft on the new cabin interiors for their D328eco aircraft,” stated Peter Tennent, commercial director of Factorydesign.

Ecological, comfortable and safe

The team is working on potential weight savings in the redesigned seats, stowage compartments, structural components and lighting, in order to make the aircraft more fuel efficient and lower its emissions. As part of the process they are selecting certified materials for components that are either recycled or are recyclable, helping to reduce waste. Factorydesign is also looking into alternative manufacturing techniques, which will enable resources to be used more efficiently.

Enhanced passenger comfort is also seen as a key element in the D328eco aircraft. “We are looking at ways to enhance the customer experience. Passengers should expect that they are being looked after, feel safe, and have an experience that they will happily come back to and not just tolerate,” explained Adrian Berry, creative director at Factorydesign.

Factorydesign has created a scheme of beautiful and natural materials for the D328eco short-haul aircraft

The needs and wants of crew are also being considered, with key aspects of providing them with a suitable workspace being technological enhancements, ergonomics of space and simplicity of design.

With the covid-pandemic putting an even bigger emphasis on cabin hygiene, the team is also looking at state-of-the-art cleaning solutions, antimicrobial surfaces and finishes, as well as the incorporation of items that can be easily and quickly changed over.

“The cabin design is the business card of an aircraft and any airline,” said Houda El Mektoumi, head of cabin & cargo at Deutsche Aircraft. “Together with Factorydesign, our team of cabin interior engineers will ensure that the high comfort and design level of long-haul jets will continue in regional aircraft. Passengers will enjoy a seamless flight experience in the D328eco and be delighted by the unique, sustainable cabin design. We are certain that, together with Factorydesign, we can open a new chapter in short-haul air travel.”

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