Embraer refocuses capacity to develop medical equipment for Brazil

Embraer is working in partnership with research centres and companies in its supply chain to develop technologies that can increase the availability of medical equipment and solutions to combat Covid-19 in Brazil.
The technologies underway in the initiative include the manufacturing of parts for the ventilator and respirator industry, the replacement of imported components for ventilators, the development of high-efficiency filtration systems, and studies for the development of simple, robust and portable respirators aimed at rapid implementation and availability.
According to Embraer, a team has already been leading initiatives in support of a respirator factory in Brazil, with a plan to start the production of parts next week, in response to the emergency demand for this equipment. Embraer, in cooperation with partner organisations, has already completed the technical and production capacity analysis required to meet the identified needs.
In partnership with the Albert Einstein Hospital, located in São Paulo, Embraer is also working to provide technical support for the development of biological air filter systems for air-quality control, which can convert regular hospital beds into intensive care beds. Using highly efficient filters for absorbing air particles, as already used in aircraft cabin air conditioning systems, the objective is to provide this solution to hospitals.
Another work front at Embraer is dedicated to analysing the manufacturing of control valves and flow sensors for another respirator industry in Brazil, in addition to adapting an existing respirator model for use in combating Covid-19.
Embraer said in a statement that it “plans to apply its capacity during this moment of global collaboration and demand for effective and short-term solutions. Embraer will keep monitoring the situation to find ways to contribute by utilising its expertise  in integrating complex systems for the benefit of the society in this worldwide cooperation to combat Covid-19.”
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