Allegiant Air aims for ‘paperless cabin’


Following a successful four-month trial in 2013, Allegiant Air is now flying Allegiant Systems’ FlyDesk Cabin solution, which will see all of its 700 flight attendants given iPads. The iPads will be equipped with the FlyDesk Cabin Reports, Manuals and Messaging apps, to help create a ‘paperless cabin’. In the first week alone, according to Allegiant Systems, 300 flight attendants downloaded the application and the remaining 400 are expected to go live before the end of April. The carrier is currently in discussion with the FAA for approval of an electronic regulatory manual that is required to be carried by all flight attendants.

The messaging function enables the carrier to distribute travel information to crew, such as weather updates, operational issues and procedures. Once read, it is possible to track who has read and acknowledged the message in real-time,­ which is useful for ensuring compliance with required manual revisions.

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