easyJet invests in passenger health


As the topic of cabin air quality and so-called ‘aerotoxic syndrome’ continues to attract debate, European low-cost airline easyJet is retrofitting its A320 fleet with air filtration technology.

For the latest insight into the aerotoxic syndrome debate, see the cover story of the September 2017 of Aircraft Interiors International.

The airline is installing PUREair cabin air filters from Pall Aerospace, which are HEPA rated to remove microbial contaminants and also use the latest carbon technology that has been formulated to remove odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC) from aircraft cabin air – VOCs being a claimed contributor to ‘aerotoxic syndrome’.

Ian Davies, head of engineering at easyJet stated, “Aircraft cabin odor events can lead to expensive delays or air turnbacks and the Pall odor filters are helping us mitigate that issue. We performed an extensive study and undertook aircraft trials before making our decision.”

“This represents the first phase in our partnership with easyJet to ensure the highest aircraft air quality possible for their passengers and crew.” said Gabriel Popa, VP of Pall Aerospace Europe. “easyJet has been excellent to work with and is always at the forefront of new technology, continually looking to make improvements to benefit the customers/crew on board the aircraft.”

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