Emirates invests GB£13.4m in crew training


Emirates Aviation College (EAC) for crew training has reported a record-breaking year for 2014, with over 33,000 attendees in various training courses (with some crew members attending multiple courses during the year.

In 2014, Emirates invested over £13.4 million (AED 73 million) in cabin crew training, which saw a total of 4,280 new cabin crew or ‘ab initios’ graduating from the facility with training including safety and emergency procedures, medical training, service and image. 4,136 existing crew trained for a cabin upgrade, 534 cabin crew graduated to be pursers, and 17,650 crew participated in their recurrent training – a mandatory course that crew undertake every year. To meet this training demand, EAC operated at an average of 17 hours per day, conducting 3,994 courses equivalent to 245,262 training days.

Emirates finished the year with a team of nearly 20,000 cabin crew, with up to 120 new recruits joining the airline each week.

The EAC training facility is equipped with full motion simulators including A330/A340, Boeing 777 and A380 that create realistic emergency scenarios for new cabin crew. Service training in mock aircraft across Emirates’ fleet types and cabins makes sure that crew are familiar with the aircraft in a true-to-life environment, while they practice serving different types of meals and responding to service requests from customers.

EAC training facts for 2014:

• GB£13.4 million (AED 73 million) spent on crew training

• 33,448 attendees in various training courses (with some crew members attending multiple courses in a year)

• 478 trainers (both part-time and full-time)

• 3,994 courses delivered

• 338 ab-initio batches

• 4,280 ab-initios (new recruits)

• 534 cabin crew graduated as pursers

• 17,650 cabin crew who completed recurrent courses

• 4,136 cabin crew who completed upgrade courses

• 7,656 cabin crew who completed one-day review courses and conversion courses

• 3,772 pilots completed safety and emergency procedures recurrent courses

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