Ethiopian Airlines to receive second B787/777 trainer unit


January 14, 2016 – Aircraft training simulator supplier, EDM, has shipped a second Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) to Ethiopian Airlines. Manufactured at EDM’s UK headquarters in Manchester, the CEET has a dual B787 / B777 configuration, allowing Ethiopian Airlines’ cabin crew to train on both aircraft types.

The simulator features business and economy class seats, as well as a replica galley, lavatories, cabin attendant seats and associated control panels. The CEET is also fitted with SEPTRE, an audio-visual system which includes pre-programmed emergency scenarios such as aborted take-off, engine fire, gear collapse, turbulence, ditching and decompression, making it the most advanced cabin crew training system on the market.

The CEET was specifically manufactured to a modular design to facilitate its transportation from the UK to Ethiopia. The unit was separated and packaged into six modules at EDM’s facility in December and then loaded onto three heavy goods vehicles before being driven to the Port of Southampton. The modules are currently in transit by sea to Addis Ababa, where they will then be driven to Ethiopian Airlines’ new training center at Bola International Airport. A team of EDM engineers will reassemble and install the CEET onsite towards the end of this month.

The CEET will join the rest of the cabin crew training equipment already built and installed by EDM as part of its contract with Ethiopian Airlines, which includes a B737 CEET on an electric motion system, and A350, B767 and Bombardier Q400 door trainers.

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