Corsair fits new cabin branding elements to A330neo fleet


Corsair, a French charter airline, has undertaken a cabin design modernisation project with ABC International as part of its customer experience enhancement strategy. Corsair’s marketing team was looking for a panel that would be fully integrated and harmonised with the overall cabin, and ABC International provided the design, manufacturing and installation approval for a unique branding panel. The panels have been installed inside the cabins of the A330-900 aircraft fleet owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair.

Olindo Spatola, VP of engineering and HDO at ABC International explained the project, “The airline’s logo is shown throughout the whole aircraft cabin, thanks to the specific installation in three different locations.”

The first logo is installed on the wall of the front row monument (the reverse side of the G1A galley), and the second is installed on the wall of galley G2A just ahead of the entry door, so that the airline’s brand greets passengers. The third logo can be clearly seen by passengers while they walk through the cabin in the aft direction, as it is installed on the wall of galley G4F.

Passengers will see the aft panel as they move towards the rear of the aircraft when boarding

The branding panels have a chromed airline script, which contrasts with the brushed metal backplate. “The main target of our designer was to give importance to a simple design by making it elegant, with a truly linear style,” explained Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO of ABC international.

D’Ambrosio added that the success of the project, which involved working with companies around the world, has boosted the company’s prospects as a branding elements specialist. “All this make us confident for the future. We wish the project may be a prelude to working with other French airlines,” he stated.

ABC International worked with Safran for the G2A panel, and Stelia Aerospace for the other panels. In both cases ABC worked closely with the manufacturers of the monuments, and was also responsible for the Service Bulletin release pertaining to installation on the G2A galley.

Passengers will view this panel on the rear of the G1A galley during flight

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