Vision Systems set to unveil cabin ambiance tech at AIX


Aircraft shading system supplier, Vision Systems, has developed new technologies for first-class and business-class cabins, which it plans to reveal at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022 in Hamburg next month.

A highlight will be a glass cabin partition that can be transparent or opaque (white or dark) to offer privacy between classes. Even better, because the partition is made of smart glass, it can also display messages, images or videos, such as journey information or advertising. Cabin crew can control the display system and the opacity level via the flight attendant panel.

Another ambiance management system will also be revealed, which combines a motorised triple window shade with SPD (Suspended particle device) dimmable windows and mood lighting. This combination of technologies can be used to adjust the ambiance in the adjacent seat, via Vision Systems’ ambiance management system. The seat occupant can use a tablet or control panel to select the right feel for their mood or activity, such as relaxed for reading, dark for sleeping, or bright for waking up. The system then automatically synchronises the shade, the dimmable windows and the lighting to create the optimal ambiance for the selected mood.

Each element of the shading and lighting system can also be controlled separately (by passenger or crew), and further elements can be added into the system to enhance the mood, such as images, sounds or temperature control.

Vision Systems will also be showing the latest developments in its SPD dimmable windows, which can enable airlines to eliminate shades. Features will include complete privacy, multi-segment for a Venetian shade effect, mood lighting, and integrated touch panels.

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