Bluebox and Retail inMotion develop touchless ‘virtual trolley’


As increasing numbers of passengers resume flying in the Covid period, many are keen to minimise touchpoints in the cabin. In response, Retail inMotion, a retail, logistics, and crew management systems provider, has partnered with Bluebox Aviation Systems, an IFE system company, to develop an integrated touch-free retail proposition for airlines that will help them gain ancillary revenues.

“Airlines wish to get back to delivering in-flight experiences that delight passengers without compromising the safety protocols that are being implemented to protect both passengers and cabin crew,” said David Brown, director of business development at Bluebox. “In partnership with Retail inMotion we’re offering a touchless shopping experience for food, beverages and other goods on our battery or aircraft-powered wireless IFE platform, Bluebox Wow. Virtualising the trolley and facilitating touchless payments, we’re enabling passengers and crew to maintain as much social distance as possible, while keeping open an important revenue stream for the airline.”

“Bluebox Wow already supports the hygienic provision of seatback information such as in-flight magazines and safety cards. However, the current environment expedited the need to deliver a touchless payment option that integrated smoothly with the inventory management systems on board,” added Brown. “Working with Retail inMotion, we’re now able to bring that virtual trolley experience to market.”

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