Brand advertainment system launched


Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 – PXCom is presenting a “brand entertainment” demonstration prepared in association with its newest partner, Actiplay (ConcoursMania Group). The passenger experience demonstration is intended to show visitors how PXCom’s advertising communication technology can transform an aircraft infotainment system into an “advertainment” system with marketing opportunities.

PXCom proposes a software platform that can be adapted to all systems on the market. However, the big novelty lies in the way that it allows airlines to offer travellers a continuous and consistent multi-channel “brand entertainment” experience (social networks, website, tablets and smartphone applications, IFE). This new channel takes advantage of the opportunity provided by having captive travellers in order to try to connect with customers and better understand them. Passengers can participate in a “marketing” game, directly on board. Since the passenger experience starts with the reservation and only ends when travellers reach their destinations, airline companies will also have a real-time channel that retrieves “hot” information, transmitted by their own customers throughout the cycle.

“We assist brands and sites, helping them grow (loyalty, new customers, greater sales, etc.), by using games to bring them closer to their consumers,” said Julien Parrou, CEO of the ConcoursMania Group. “Focused on developing our offers on all supports (web, tablet, smartphone, social networks, etc), we found it very interesting to explore this pertinent and innovative way to reach all our customers’ targets.”

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