Delta creates a bistro experience in Main Cabin


Delta has reinvented the service offering in its international Main Cabins, with new touches including welcome cocktails, hot towels, bistro-style dining and more. The service has been designed by a design team made up of more than 20 Delta flight attendants who have been testing and refining the service on more than 1,200 flights prior to launch – making it the longest-tested service in Delta’s history.

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, Main Cabin customers are presented with a welcome cocktail. The team decided upon the classic Italian Bellini, a combination of sparkling wine and peach nectar, which is also a subtle nod to Delta’s Georgia roots.

During meal service, customers can select their choice of upgraded appetisers and larger main courses. The standard meal trays are being replaced with more elegant, custom-designed serviceware made with 30% bio-based materials, and upgraded cutlery that is no longer presented in a plastic wrapper. The meals are presented on a placemat for use on the tray table.

Delta is also debuting a new anytime snack basket, which will be available for guests after meal service. The basket will include a rotating variety of sweet and savoury snacks, such as Cheez-It crackers, Tillamook cheese, Oreo cookies, Kind Bars and the airline’s signature Biscoff cookies.

“How we make every customer feel across their travel journey is extremely important to us,” said Allison Ausband, Delta’s SVP of inflight service. “That’s why our team designed this new service through the eyes of our customers – putting their ideas into action and giving them a delightful experience that exceeds their expectations. We want every customer, no matter where they sit on the flight, to know how much they’re appreciated.”

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