Collins develops connected galley inserts


Collins Aerospace has developed a wireless connectivity solution for airplane galley inserts, which the company says will provide operational efficiencies and cost savings for airlines, while also supporting improved passenger service.

Once connected, the galley inserts automatically transmit data in real-time from the aircraft to maintenance operations, differentiating between specific unit component issues and aircraft interface issues, such as faulty water or power supplies. This data provides the information needed to quickly identify unit faults, decreasing the time spent troubleshooting and reducing occurrences of misdiagnosing unit malfunctions.

According to Collins Aerospace, in addition to the diagnostic benefits, when implemented across broader aircraft fleets, the data gathered could ultimately predict future failures before they happen, allowing airlines to better plan, mitigate faults before they occur, and more accurately assess spare and repair inventory needs.

“Collins’ connected galley inserts solution will utilise artificial intelligence and big data to accurately analyse collected information to make informed decisions that best suit their operations – without excessive investment or aircraft modification time,” said Alison Davidson, vice president and general manager of cabin products for Collins Aerospace.

“This unique solution is made possible by combining the expertise, resources and capabilities of our Connected Aviation Solutions business with our Interiors cabin products to provide airline customers consistent, reliable and actionable data.”

Implementation should be simple, as the connected solution can be installed without aircraft modifications and it integrates seamlessly with existing Collins galley inserts – avoiding aircraft downtime as well as the need to replace existing units.

The wireless functionality integrates with existing inflight wi-fi networks, requiring a minimal amount of data to transmit information to maintenance staffs and crew members, without overwhelming network services.

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