Diehl and HAECO create space-effective premium economy cabin concept


Diehl Aviation and HAECO Cabin Solutions have co-created a completely new premium-economy cabin concept for single-aisle aircraft, designed to solve the tricky issue of improving passenger comfort while growing airline yields. The project partners say the cabin concept allows an additional seat per row to be fitted in the same space as a traditional recliner premium cabin, while also improving passenger comfort and privacy.

Key to the design is an asymmetric cabin configuration using HAECO’s Eclipse staggered seats, a fixed-backrest premium seat designed for optimal comfort in either a five-abreast or four-abreast configuration. Passengers do not sit exactly behind each other as usual in a single-aisle aircraft, but instead are slightly staggered, so that passengers’ shoulders are not in line with their immediate neighbour, giving a greater feeling of space.

Diehl Aviation brings high-end cabin components to the concept, from, a unique cabin concept, such as ECO lightweight partitions, state-of-the-art cabin lighting, and an enlarged overhead stowage bin in the five-abreast configuration.

Diehl and HAECO say the cabin would be easy to install as a retrofit, reduces maintenance times through a quick-snap system, and provides additional overhead space. Despite the asymmetric aisle and bigger stowage bins, they claim the cabin still provides the same passenger living space as in the rear section of the cabin. By moving the bin above the triple seat inboard, the five-abreast cabin retains easy.

Conversion of existing cabins would be facilitated by a standard modification kit offered by HAECO Cabin Solutions and Diehl Aviation, available with either FAA or EASA certification, respectively. The kit is designed and packaged in a way that facilitates the modification during an aircraft maintenance visit or as part of a dedicated modification line. The concept is tailored to re-use the maximum number of parts from the current cabin.

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