Delta socks it to homelessness


During September, Delta One customers will receive a free pair of Bombas dress socks in their in-flight amenity kits. This is good news in itself, but even better, with each pair given on board, another will be donated to Covenant House, an organisation which provides care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked and exploited youths throughout the USA. The partnership, facilitated by Buzz, is expected to result in 300,000 pairs of the specially designed donation socks being donated.

Bombas was founded after the company’s co-founders learned that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, but the least donated. Since then, the sock company, which has a “buy one, give one” model, has donated more than 20 million pairs of socks to the homeless community across the USA.

Bombas has a long-standing partnership with Covenant House, providing socks and support to many of their locations. Delta also supports Covenant House facilities in cities across the country, and provides volunteer support throughout the year to help homeless youths escape the streets. Each November, Delta leaders participate in Covenant House’s Executive Sleep Out, where business leaders from all over spend a night on the streets in solidarity with homeless youths.

“When our Delta One customers put on their Bombas socks, they’ll know that they are playing a role in answering the needs of Covenant House shelters across the US,” said Mauricio Parise, Delta’s managing director of product development. “This partnership is just one example of how we’re making a difference by directly connecting an elevated experience for our customers with our commitment to make the world better and more connected.”

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