Emirates adds a little extra opulence with luxury brand amenities


Emirates is introducing three new luxury amenities into its first class and business class experience: Byredo skincare products, Bowers & Wilkins audio equipment, and Bulgari amenity kits.

The ‘wellness kit’ from European luxury brand Byredo was first introduced last year in the airline’s new Boeing 777 first class suites, but it is now being rolled across all first class suites in the fleet. The kits contain a selection of allergen-free products made with chamomile, which have been created exclusively for Emirates. For example, the kits include a facial cleansing cloth, skin toner, eye cream, a roll-on chamomile sleeping oil roll-on to be applied to pulse points, and upholstery spray with chamomile, which can be applied to the seat to create an even more relaxed atmosphere.

The Bulgari first class kit for Emirates. The bags can also be used after the flight to store items such as headphones, makeup or jewelry

The Bulgari first class kit. The bags can also be used after the flight to store items such as headphones, makeup or jewelry

Emirates’ premium flyers will be familiar with the airline’s Bulgari amenity kits, which are updated every nine months and have now been revised to include the ‘Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert’ (green tea) fragrance and face care products. The synthetic leather kit bags in first class are available in eight designs, with new colors for males and females. Eight designs are also available in the business class kits.

The IFE experience in first class is also being enhanced, with Bowers & Wilkins active noise-canceling headphones being introduced that feature a noise-suppression technology optimized for the suites. The headphones are made from luxurious materials, including aluminum and sheep leather. Passengers can test the sound quality of the headphones from a special ‘Superior Sound’ playlist on the IFE system, a selection of tracks that demonstrate the acoustics of the headsets.

Bowers & Wilkins active noise-canceling headphones for Emirates

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