TUMI’s pocket-size solution to lost luggage


July 5, 2017 – Luxury luggage brand, TUMI has teamed up with AT&T, an expert in the Internet of Things (IoT) and LugTrack, a technology company, to develop the TUMI Global Locator, a wireless tracking device designed to end baggage mishandling woes by providing travelers with location-specific positioning information regarding the whereabouts of their luggage.

The unit is unobtrusive, housed in a compact body (4.33 x 2.55 x 0.83in) that weighs just 150g yet includes GPS, GSM, wi-fi and Bluetooth technology to track the location of the baggage item in which it has been placed. The device delivers real-time data via a free mobile app.

Of course, the availability of such information can bring other complications, but the device has been cleared by the FAA’s radio frequency tests and also employs high levels of security standards, with all personal information protected by layers of firewalls, specific authorization protocols and encryption. 

Through the use of accelerometer sensor technology, the Global Locator has four mode options: Travel Mode, Sleep Mode, Hotel Mode and Proximity.

Travel Mode automatically tracks a bag’s location every 20-30 minutes and builds a history of where a bag has been. In compliance with FAA requirements, the Global Locator powers-down upon take off to remain in an idle state during flight. Upon landing, the locator automatically wakes up and sends a notification to the connected device, informing the user of the bag’s location.

While the device automatically enters Sleep Mode during flight, the user also has the option to activate this mode at any time. The Global Locator will wake up on landing or after a short duration if not in flight.

Hotel Mode allows the user to ensure the bag containing the Global Locator stays in one location, by recognizing the designated location as its ‘home base’. The Locator will then alert the user, should the bag move from this location. 

Proximity Mode uses Bluetooth technology to allow the user to tether the bag containing the Locator to a connected device, such as a mobile (cell) phone. In the event of an unexpected movement, the connected device then receives an alert.  

The TUMI Global Locator retails for US$200 through TUMI, which includes one year of wireless location tracking service, commencing from the date of purchase. Annual service plan renewal schemes will be available.

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