DivX launches BYOD IFE system


DivX, a digital video technologies provider, has revealed a secure In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. The system is an extension to DivX’s OmniView technology, designed to enable airlines and aircraft manufacturers to differentiate their IFE experience and reduce costs.

The DivX OmniView solution for OTT video delivery includes video encoding and packaging, studio-approved DivX DRM technology and secure players for multiple devices and platforms including iOS, Android, Smart TVs, set-top boxes and PCs. The company says that the system will allow airlines to offer passengers secure video to watch on their own phones, tablets and PCs in-flight, with our without a connection to ground internet.

“The new in-flight entertainment capability of the DivX OmniView solution furthers the DivX brand promise of delivering a better video experience across multiple screens. DivX is already delivering that experience at home and on the go, and now we’re extending our reach and capabilities to 30,000ft above the ground,” said DivX president and CEO, Dr Kanaan Jemili.

DivX is designed to provideIFE system integrators with professional content preparation tools, DivX DRM and secure player technology across mobile devices and laptops. The company also says its technology can offer a differentiated video experience featuring smooth trick play and multi-language audio and subtitles tracks. With the disconnected DivX DRM licensing server in place, a public Internet connection is not required to securely stream video content during flight. 

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