Iberia Express adopts innovative W-IFE advertising


Spanish low-cost airline, Iberia Express has begun ‘programmatic video advertising’ on its Immfly wireless IFE portal, a service which does not rely on an off-board connection. The first use of the service, hosted on the Inadvia platform, was 30-second advertising spots for audio equipment brand Teufel, which were shown to passengers ahead of music videos streamed to their own devices.

“Previously, the effectiveness and profitability of inflight advertising has been hindered by long lead times, limited targeting and the challenges and expense of connectivity in-air. Bring-your-own-device platforms such as Immfly are changing that, and Inadvia’s technology allows them to plug into the rapidly expanding programmatic ecosystem regardless of the connected state of the aircraft,” stated Tim Letheren, director of Inadvia. “Being able to reliably trade the advertising inventory programmatically is a game-changer for inflight, and Inadvia facilitates this through integrations with some 160 Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).”

For the Teufel campaign, Inadvia created a marketplace that allowed Immfly to expose its inventory to multiple advertisers within the programmatic ecosystem, which was subsequently secured by video DSP Ve on behalf of Teufel.

“The inflight advertising industry is growing at three-digit speed and we believe that programmatic advertising will be key to sustaining this growth over the next five years. Instead of offering our advertising inventory in bulk, the programmatic ecosystem allows us to segment it, which provides a customized user experience and higher added value for our advertisers”, added Immfly’s chief revenue officer.

The campaign builds on Inadvia’s launch on high-speed trains and inter-city coach services in September 2017, which Lethern stated, “proved that programmatic advertising has a place in the inflight and in-transit ecosystem. We are showing that, at last, there is a scalable and efficient way of monetizing wireless and seatback IFE through high-yielding advertising.”

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