Iberia launches content app, developed by IFE Services


IFE Services, a subsidiary of Global Eagle Entertainment, has developed Spanish carrier Iberia’s new IFE content app. Called ‘IberiaOnBoard’, the freely downloadable app allows travellers to check out all of the IFE content available to them on their upcoming Iberia flights. Every movie and TV show is listed by genre and has a trailer with accompanying useful information including synopsis, cast, director, rating, duration and language availability. There is also music album information lists tracks and their times, and a special kids’ section which showcases all children’s content on offer inflight.

A spokesperson for Iberia said: “The IberiaOnBoard app makes our inflight entertainment line up accessible to anyone with a mobile device before they board, enabling them to better plan their inflight experience in advance. We’re delighted by the app IFE Services developed in conjunction with our team and we look forward to bringing more innovative solutions to market as we continue to offer the best possible inflight experience to our customers.”

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