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From the 1st of June, American Airlines is giving customers the opportunity to learn a new language, how to sketch or to enhance their interior design skills, all while flying at 35,000ft. More than 150 creative, productivity or language classes are being added to the Lifestyle channel on the airline’s IFE system, as a result an exclusive partnership with Rosetta Stone and Skillshare.

“The importance of personal enrichment has grown over the past year, but so have the varying priorities competing for our attention,” said Clarissa Sebastian, Managing Director of Premium Customer Experience and Onboard Products. “We are thrilled to team up with Rosetta Stone and Skillshare to introduce new, interactive ways for our customers to spend their time with us.”

It is important for travellers to know at least a few pleasantries in the language of their destination country, and the bite-sized content of Rosetta Stone offers basics such as greeting someone in Italian (ciao), ordering an iced coffee in Spanish (me gustaría un café frío), or counting to 100 in French. Travelers can also learn German, Japanese and Chinese through Rosetta Stone, with even more offerings being added in the coming months.

There has been a surge in interest in remote learning over the past year, as more people have been spending time in their homes during the pandemic. Passengers can continue their learning with the Skillshare creativity content. Grab a journal, sketchbook, or even put the beverage napkins to good use, while exploring classes about writing, illustration, design, photography and creativity. Current programmes include ‘Sketchbook Illustration: Draw a Personal, Colourful Travel Map’, ‘Creative Writing Bootcamp: Start a Brand-New Story’, ‘Everyday Flowers: Simple, Stunning Arrangements for Any Occasion’, ‘Plants at Home: Uplift Your Spirit & Your Space’ and ‘Travel Photography: Seeing, Shooting, and Editing’.

This learning content has been added to American Airlines’ library of up to 600 movies and TV shows. Customers simply enable airplane mode on their phone, tablet or laptop, connect to the ‘AA-Inflight’ signal, and they can then access and stream the content from aainflight.com.

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