Multiple launches by Astronics PGA Avionics


April 6, 2017 – Astronics PGA Avionics has launched several new products at Aircraft Interiors Expo, including cabin management systems (CMS), IFEC components, and motion and lighting systems.

Two lighting systems for integration into the seat or cabin have been introduced, the first being Mila, a personal reading light (pictured below). The passenger touches the center of the light to illuminate it, while setting the position to get just the right reading angle. The product also includes a mood lighting effect coupled with a primary lighting function, and will be commercially available in early 2018.

The other new light is Philea (pictured below), designed to illuminate premium economy seats. Its directional light beam dims via head capacitive control and provides direct light for passengers. The unit mounts into the headrest of the seat and also includes an embedded USB charging port, which operates independently for the passenger in the seat behind.

Astronics PGA has also extended its actuator family with the Slim Linear Actuator, optimized for small spaces. It moves up to a 100 daN load in motion to enable motion in headrests, footrests, armrests, privacy dividers, pop-up TVs, doors and more. The actuator has a low profile of less than 1in and weighs less than 1.7 lbs.

The Carat Tools EMS (Easy Monitoring Solution), a new unified maintenance and configuration suite for use on tablets or laptops, was also launched. Designed for use by technicians on seat manufacturing assembly lines or in the cabin for maintenance, the EMS provides control over the entire actuation system.

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