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In-flight Entertainment

Panasonic Avionics appoints new CEO

Panasonic Avionics has named Ken Sain as its new chief executive officer (CEO), beginning on 2 December, 2019. Sain most recently served as vice president of digital solutions and analytics for Boeing Global Services, and prior to that was CEO of Boeing subsidiary, Jeppesen

Airline News

JetBlue adds big-name IFE content partners

Beginning this month, US-based JetBlue is expanding its inflight entertainment (IFE) options on its aircraft equipped with HD seatback displays, with content including TV shows from Showtime, podcasts from Spotify, meditation and relaxation content from Inscape, and headline news from PressReader

In-flight Entertainment

Omm-G, Immfly adds yoga to IFE

IFE digital services company, Immfly has partnered with Journey Meditation to integrate meditation practice into the aircraft environment, with a view to enhancing the travel experience, especially for anxious passengers

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