Panasonic creates touchless and wellness collection


Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) has launched a range of inflight products and solutions designed to help airlines address passenger concerns related to Covid-19. Named the ‘Welcome Aboard Collection’, the range includes inflight entertainment (IFE) elements and other solutions designed to help airlines reduce passenger touchpoints through smarter “less touch” technology.

This technology includes features such as Onboard Reader to digitise print publications, and a Companion App to integrate passengers’ personal devices into the IFE experience so they touch their own devices to control the IFE, rather than the seatback touchscreen display.

The Collection also includes wellness solutions such as the Nanoe Air Cleanser, which improves air quality by generating nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles that can suppress odours and inhibit certain viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Other parts of the collection include Active Surfaces that allow for easy wipe-down from flight-to-flight, and ZeroTouch services, which enable airlines to administer content updates remotely, reducing the manual labour and physical presence typically associated with such work.

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