Take ‘A Look At’ US cities via IFE cityguides


‘A Look at Media Ventures’, a company that publishes visitor guides for cities throughout the USA, has taken its approach to the skies. Instead of offering publications to passengers, the company is producing destination-specific videos that passengers can watch on airline IFE systems.

The company has secured a contract to provide Southwest Airlines with “destination-specific” programming for 25 major US cities, with 30-minute programs showcasing the best shopping, dining, attractions, nightlife and entertainment in the featured cities. ‘A Look At’ intends to expand into other foreign cities as Southwest is expanding in to international markets in 2015.

“I’m a double-million miler and I have always wished there was something on the airline’s IFE system about the city I was going to,” stated Fred Mullins, CEO of A Look At Media. “I realized that we could do what we were doing in tourism books in a video format, and for a truly captive audience. All travelers are hungry for information about the city they are getting ready to visit.”


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