Thales to launch 4K IFE with Emirates


Thales is introducing new security and encoding technologies to enable streaming of premium UHD content on its 4K IFE systems. According to Thales, it will be the first IFE supplier to deliver 4K displays to the full cabin, with Emirates being the launch customer for its Boeing 777X fleet, launching in 2020.

To ensure the high definition is matched with impressive content, the system complies with the highest security level standards of the Hollywood studios, using professional grade Digital Rights Management (DRM) and hardware level encryption within each screen. This technology combines software and hardware components which open the way for accessing premium UHD content in the cabin.

Thales says it has worked with Hollywood movie studios to define and implement the optimum bit rates to display 4K content in an IFE environment, with the system using Variable Bit Rates (VBR) encoding technology with bit rates up to 40+ Megabits per second (Mbps) providing video quality that is a claimed 10 times better than some of today’s IFE systems and streaming platforms.

“The cabin environment is constantly evolving and this is a time of significant change in the industry. With continuous innovation of our products and solutions, Thales is at the forefront of new technology development. We are proud to support our airlines customers in their commitment to deliver an exceptional inflight experience through our new 4K technologies,” stated Philippe Carette, CEO of Thales Inflyt Experience.

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