PC-12 soundproofing kit aproved


Skandia has received final FAA STC approval of an acoustic soundproofing kit for all variants of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. The materials are intended to provide PC-12 operators and passengers with reduced cabin noise and increased passenger comfort, and according to the company, in final testing, a “significant” overall sound reduction of 4dB (SIL) was achieved, while some cabin seating areas achieved approximately 6dB (SIL) noise reduction. Customers can select options of acoustic materials such as fuselage skin and floor damping, thermal acoustic insulation bags, over-frame blankets and carpet pads.

Jarod Triplett, VP of Skandia stated, “As PC-12 operators look to improve the inflight experience, a turnkey acoustic kit is a great solution. And now they have it. The system utilizes our most technically advanced engineering and materials to produce a terrific result. We have created the system in a way that owner/operators can select how much sound performance they want to add based on their budget, or, how much weight they want to use.”

Scott Williams, a PC-12 owner and a customer of the Skandia sound/thermal insulation kit added, “We have noticed a slight reduction in the perceived noise level in the cabin and a more significant improvement in its thermal insulation properties.  The plane is quicker to heat when cold and quicker to cool when hot. The factory-original insulation materials were beginning to degrade due to their age of 16+ years. The Skandia insulation materials are of much better quality and should last longer.”

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