Lufthansa to offer feet warming and phone charging

Lufthansa Technik is unveiling two brand-new technologies at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019: an easy-to install heating system for floor panels, and a solution to offer passengers USB charging.
HeatNOW was developed with Austrian company, Villinger and is a floor panel with a self-regulated heated coating. Its internal electrical resistance increases with the temperature, so that it heats evenly, and never overheats. Layers of carbon fiber protect the heated coating on both sides. Thanks to the thin and flexible design of the heating pad, it can be removed and exchanged with relative ease.
Lufthansa Technik will offer HeatNOW as a complete installation kit, ready-assembled for different aircraft types. The system is currently being tested for approval in the Airbus A320 as well as the Boeing 737 and 757.
There is more Lufthansa Technik news from the expo too. PEDs are always running out of battery, so it is high time airlines offer in-flight charging. Lufthansa has developed three solutions for USB charging, with options to install the technology in a number of different ways.
The USB charging units can be mounted on the overhead panels, using the untapped energy of the reading lights. There is no need for additional installations, which is why, says the company, it is approximately 50% lighter than competing products.
Alternatively, the units can be attached to the seat. This does not affect the existing aircraft seat certification (ETSO/TSO), but enables the passenger to find the USB plug easily thanks to its smart illumination. In addition, it allows for additional revenue possibilities such as showing advertisements during or simply charging a fee for use of the plug.
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