Aloft offers STC kit for cabin air ionisation technology


Aloft AeroArchitects has begun offering a Supplemental Type Certification (STC) kit for Aviation Clean Air’s Air Ionization & Purification units, including distribution and product support. A launch customer has been found quickly, with Hillwood Airways becoming the launch Part 121 on-demand commercial air carrier to install the air purification system.

Hillwood Airways, based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas is a charter carrier owned by real estate developer, Ross Perot Jr, which operates two Boeing 737-700C BBJs.

Ched Bart, president and CEO of Hillwood Airways stated, “in this time of industry uncertainty caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we believe it is our moral and professional responsibility to take thoughtful, aggressive steps to protect our customers and our flight crews by providing an aircraft cabin air environment that meets or exceeds our high standards for cleanliness, disinfection, and overall air quality”.

The air ionisation technology deactivates pathogens such as viruses and bacteria while also reducing VOCs and odours. The system is approved as an ozone-free device under ASHRE standards.

Aloft has created and will hold the AML-STC for the installation of the ACA Air Ionization components, which will allow for the configurable use on numerous aircraft types including the B737 family, A320 family, E170/190, CRJ700/900 and FAA Part 25 aircraft. The STC approval will also support Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) of the full system and components. Aloft will manage worldwide customer support for the STC installation.

Aloft has developed the installation to enable configuration flexibility to account for airline and individual operator variations of the available electrical power tie-in and indicator panel locations. This approach is designed to allow for ease of installation in the field and at airline-preferred MROs, and accommodates aircraft fleets where the detailed configuration of the same models may vary.

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