Sustainable Design Summit: an update from the organisers


The Sustainable Design Summit (SDS) is a new event designed to bring together brand owners, designers and trusted suppliers from across the cruise, hotel and aircraft interiors sectors, in a forum where they can cross-pollinate ideas alongside leading sustainability experts.

Taking place on 29th November 2022 at The Brewery London, SDS is the first event of its kind to unite these three sectors to discuss sustainability as it dominates conversations and market drivers.

During the one-day event, delegates will gain actionable insights from a panel of experienced practitioners, discover a showcase of intrinsically green products, and come away with a framework for tangible steps to take into their next interior design projects.

The SDS tackles the biggest challenges of designing sustainably head on; with speakers from the biggest stakeholders in aviation due to meet and discuss the realities of sustainability in the aircraft interiors sector, including Ben Orson of Orson Associates, who is also cabin lead on FlyZero; Peter Cooke, British Airways’ design lead; and Tasha Jackson, Boeing’s sustainability director.

Chatham House Rules will be in place for the sector-specific breakout sessions, meaning participants are free to use any information received therein, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. Representatives from each sector can frankly and openly discuss the unique challenges of designing sustainably for that sector, the niche governance informing sustainability progress in that sector, and what the delegates as brand owners require from certification societies and the supply chain.

You can view the full agenda here.

The onsite product showcase will display the most forward-thinking sustainable products across the aviation, cruise and hotel interiors industries. The products were selected with a keen eye on energy efficiency, weight saving, recycling and reusing, and reducing carbon footprint.

Aviation carpet specialist Anker will be showcasing its AIRlight ECO surface material made with 100% recycled yarn, while Volume Creative will give a glimpse into Spared, a creative service that turns waste destined for landfill into beautiful objects. Thought-provoking products include lighting company Cristallux with its Alamar zero waste, 100% recyclable alternative material, and Continental’s breathable upholstery material, including the VyP Coffee range manufactured using spent coffee grounds.

Ahead of Sustainable Design Summit, speakers have revealed what they are most interested in learning and sharing with the delegates. Matt Round, chief creative director at Tangerine highlighted his desire for the industry to implement the metrics that matter surrounding sustainability.

“At the moment the biggest headache in sustainable design is that there’s actually a gap between rhetoric and reality. We need to be closing that gap. That’s actually quite a big challenge,” said Round. “Part of closing that gap is about measuring how we have a sustainable impact. That measurement is different for every company, and it’s also fluid. We’ve really got to drill to the metrics that matter.”

Another speaker, Luke Pearson, co-founder and director of PearsonLloyd, said of seeking cross-disciplinary solutions to sustainable design questions: ‘Working in a multidisciplinary studio, across lots of different fields, we regularly find that we’re able to take good ideas from one area and apply them to another. Ultimately that approach is the one we’re going to have to take if we’re really going to solve this problem, because we have very little time to solve it.”

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