Design and Engineering

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Factorydesign is an international design agency providing strategic creative design solutions for consumer products and transportation, in moving and static environments. The company designs all aspects of cabin interiors, in all classes, from super-first to short-haul economy.
FACC is a leading global company specialising in the design, development and production of aerospace technologies and advanced lightweight systems for aircraft
CTT Systems AB
Discomforts caused by dry cabin air include fatigue, jet lag, red eyes, dry skin, and the spread of viruses. Using CTT cabin humidifiers can make passengers feel better, sleep better, taste more flavours and recover more quickly after arrival
JCB Aero
JCB Aero founded in 1987 by Mr. Jean Claude Beaudet. The company was acquired in May 2016 by AMAC Aerospace as the new owner of JCB Aero.