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Features The Thai Smile Airbus A320 project extends from airplane livery to crew uniforms to aircraft interiors

Thai Smile A320-200

Creating an entire low-cost airline brand, from concept to delivery, in less than a year is a serious challenge, but Thai Airways achieved just that with a Smile, launched in 2012.


Singapore Airlines 777-300ER

One of the world’s best carriers just got even better, as Singapore Airlines reveals its latest generation of cabins to the world.


TAM 777-300ER

Contemporary Brazilian residences, the fashion industry and Copacabana beach were key inspirations for TAM’s ‘home from home’ interior, but could its life be limited?


JAL New Sky 777

Welcome to the new JAL, a leaner airline with an ambitious plan for its 777 fleet, which will see dramatic improvements for every class of travel.


The new American

With a historic merger in the pipeline, American Airlines may become not just the world’s biggest airline, but potentially the best as it implements an ambitious interiors plan across eight aircraft types.


JAL 787 Dreamliner

Japan Airlines’ 787 Dreamliner interior is designed to give a taste of Japanese hospitality, and the chance to experience its changing seasons.


Malaysia Airlines A380

Designing an A380 interior is full of temptations. What to do with the space? A bar? Shops? Showers? Malaysia eschewed such headline grabbers in favour of creating what it believes to be the ultimate customer experience.

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