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The twin-aisle Galaxy LOPA. the layout does not use the tapered part of the cabin. The window seats are placed at a very different angle to the centre seats, and are based on a totally different design

One variant of the outboard seats is aimed at families and couples. The shared wall can be lowered via two-way authentication, via the IFE system. If the request is accepted, there is a choice of lowering only the top portion of the wall, or the whole dividing panel. Lowering the wall completely turns the adjacent seats into a queen bed for couples, or even a larger shared area for families with children

The angle of the outboard seats enables effective and open inflight service

The seat walls offer partial privacy from the aisle

While the LOPA offers a high level of cabin density, the seat layout offers privacy to every passenger

The placement of the beverage holders allows crew to easily and unobtrusively empty and replenish water bottles

Happy children make for peaceful cabins. When the walls are lowered in the outboard suites, youngg travellers can be kept occupied

If Galaxy is fitted to an A320 family aircraft, AirGo says the layout can maintain the same number of seats as regional business class seats, but with the added benefit of flat beds

The outboard seats enable a range of sitting and relaxing positions

The wide-body Door 2 boarding area can offer a welcoming feel, with features such as books, retail or wardrobes

The IFE display is stowed within the seat walls, and angles toward the passenger when required

The angled outer seats are a great option for couples

The centre suites are a good option for solo travellers seeking greater privacy

The tapered area of the cabin is left free for features such as a cocktail lounge

A bar/lounge area is a great opportunity for airlines to express their branding and personality

The view from the wide-body outboard seats. Note that the passenger opposite is shielded from view

High privacy walls offer seclusion in a well-populated cabin

The beds are 191cm (6ft 3in) long in both seat types

Opaque dividers can add to the feeling of privacy while still allowing light through the cabin

The seat has many opportunities for branding and customisation

A comparision of the Airgo Galaxy LOPA vs United’s Polaris class on a Boeing 777

Airgo Design thinks the A321 platform is an especially interesting proposition for Galaxy

With new long-haul variants of narrow-body aircraft, luxury will become increasingly important

Another seating option for single-aisle Galaxy cabins

A comparison of AirGo Galaxy vs Silkair’s LOPA on an A320

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