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HNA’s Dream Feather cabin concept

HNA and PriestmanGoode have been collaborating for two years to bring to life an enhanced passenger experience and holistic brand vision. The Dream Feather concept is inspired by Chinese culture and HNA’s distinct brand elements

Image Galleries Emirates Boeing 777-200LR aircraft

Emirates Engineering reconfigures a Boeing 777-200LR

The Emirates engineering team has reconfigured the second of 10 Boeing 777-200LR aircraft due to be changed from three classes to two, with wider business class seats in a 2-2-2 layout, a new social area in business class, and a fully refreshed economy class cabin

Image Galleries fred finn, the world's most frequent flyer, with a lamborghini and concorde

Fred Finn, the world’s most prolific flyer

Fred W Finn is officially the world’s most traveled person, as recognized by the Guinness World Records. With 15 million miles of flying under his belt, including 718 flights on Concorde, he has some rather special memories and momentoes