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A few thoughts about 2014’s tech trends and what might be big for the air transport industry in 2015, and beyond. Predicting the next big thing is always a bit risky and I’ll be the first to say I don’t always get it right, but 2015 is shaping up to be a year full of possibilities.

Ex-head of design at Virgin Atlantic, Luke Miles, explains why people came first in his work at the airline, in terms of passengers and staff

Having held positions as head of design at Virgin Atlantic and SVP of design for InterContinental Hotels, Joe Ferry is ideally placed to comment on the hotel trends that are informing aircraft interior cabins

The CEO of Mormedi, a Spanish design firm that has been involved in everything from domestic ovens, to the initial A380 super first-class concept, to the new Iberia cabins, shares his views on design

Meet Chef Bob Rosar, corporate executive chef for Gate Gourmet North America, who discusses everything from the essential ingredients of successful inflight cuisine, to his secret inflight flambéeing

Built-in and centrally-fed technology that could give every passenger the ability to have clean hands while in their seat during an entire flight is available, yet it is not implemented

The story behind Etihad’s camel leather headrests in economy. Yarwood Leather designed the camel hide, created the prototypes, burn-tested the samples, and presented the work to Etihad