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The lowering of air fares, growth in technology-driven onboard services and the rise of premium economy are just some of the major trends influencing the global travel industry today. A forthcoming event in Hamburg could help airlines move with these changing times

The team at JPA Design visited Dutch Design Week to see the latest designs and trends from across the whole spectrum of the world of interiors. Their findings could inspire the colors, materials and finishes for the next generation of aircraft cabin interiors

Recent events have highlighted a number of disparities in security standards across the globe. For aviation security, the biggest threat is the insider threat, but there are behavioral markers which can be used to great effect to mitigate this

Following Google’s acknowledgement that the mobile web is essentially broken, let’s take a look at accelerated mobile pages and at what options are available for businesses such as airlines that experience mobile website pains

Are we there yet? In terms of geotainment, the entertainment is there, but there is a lot more potential in terms of revenue generation

Smaller vendors are being forced to radically overhaul their operating costs while driving innovation in order to protect relationships with their major OEM customers. Jeff Pike looks at the three steps of enterprise management: map, monitor and manage.

Every day companies hear about competitors coming up with breakthrough ideas and adopting new and disruptive strategies. But what if your organization isn’t coming up with these amazing ideas? Let Guru tell you a story that might enlighten you and help you find a diamond in the rough…