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You have just gone through the long process of purchasing an aircraft; it’s time to determine what the interior should look like. Who do you turn to for the right color and material selections and the amenities you require or desire?

The devil really is in the detail of converting designs successfully into the manufactured product, and cutting corners is never an option even though, as commercial concerns, companies may be driven by margins and profit goals.

The German aviation industry is under pressure: pressure on pricing, and pressure to rethink their working methods in line with changing customer requirements. These pressures have been highlighted in a study conducted by the Staufen management consultancy in partnership with the BDLI

If each flight of a Boeing 787 alone generates 500GB of data, with everything from the cabin pressure to the pressure of the tires being recorded, what happens to that massively growing amount of ‘big data’? And what do you do with it?

Having the right IT management tools, in-flight wi-fi and tablet-style entertainment systems could save money for airlines. From the passenger perspective, they should be aware of what services will be available to them and when, so the entertainment and wi-fi services they use are seamless and uninterrupted

As connected consumers, we’re increasingly running our lives from smart devices, yet despite the fact that we have high-speed internet access at home, at work, on the move and even at tube stations, air passengers can only get online on 24% of all miles flown. There are ways to improve this situation and to gain a key competitive advantage