Airbus signature rights transferred to Recaro


Recaro Aircraft Seating has received extended signature rights from Airbus, with the airframer transferring responsibility and rights in the development phase to the aircraft seat supplier. This transfer reduces coordination efforts and lead times, which can ultimately benefit Recaro’s customers.

As part of signature delegation, selected Airbus engineering partners who are able to meet the requirements of the aircraft manufacturer and the European Aviation Safety Agency are now more directly involved in the aircraft development process, and given extended responsibilities on behalf of the Airbus design organization. They are given the privilege of delegating to qualified employees signature rights for technical documents that are required for aircraft development and approval.

“Airbus representatives thoroughly studied processes at Recaro Aircraft Seating in detail – with success: We meet all requirements in order to verify technical certification documents of the Airbus design organization,” stated René Dankwerth, a member of the executive team at Recaro Aircraft Seating.

In 2009, Airbus approved Recaro Aircraft Seating as a development partner in the A350 program for ‘Airbus Extended Enterprise’. In this context, Airbus transferred the first signature rights to the company in 2012. “This authorization has now been extended to all Airbus aircraft types,” added Dankwerth. “Recaro Aircraft Seating is the only aircraft seat supplier to date for which these rights have been granted also in regard to the development of electronic hardware and software components.”

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