Aeroflot lays out growth plan to fly 130m passengers in 2028


Aeroflot CEO, Vitaly Saveliev, has unveiled an updated growth strategy for the airline group, with the target of flying 130 million passengers in 2028. The capacity will be achieved through measures including fleet growth, with the Aeroflot Group fleet expected to reach 600 aircraft, of which 235 will be built in Russia. As of May 2020, 246 passenger aircraft are registered in the Aeroflot fleet.

“The strategy through 2028 is called 30/30, as it calls for an increase in passenger traffic by 30 million, and a decrease in the average fares for economy-class passengers in Russia by 30%. It is an ambitious goal, but I believe that we can achieve it and put Aeroflot Group among the 10 largest global aviation groups,” stated Saveliev.

The strategy also calls for additional differentiation among the Group’s airlines, including Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines, and Pobeda, in terms of their individual priorities and operating models. Aeroflot will focus on developing long-haul operations.

Low-cost carrier Pobeda will focus on budget travel and aims to carry 55-65 million passengers in 2028. Further development of the airline is intended to help “significantly reduce” average ticket prices for economy-class travel and increase air transport accessibility in Russia.

Meanwhile, Rossiya Airlines will focus on the Russian domestic market, including flat fares on socially important routes, as well as on operating Russia-built aircraft.

“Key aspects of the updated strategy were developed at the end of 2019. Recent developments caused by the coronavirus pandemic showed us that we are on the right track,” stated Saveliev. “The updated strategy will make air travel more affordable and increase mobility, providing additional support for Aeroflot Group’s future growth.

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