Streaming IFE selected by La Compagnie


La Compagnie, a new all-business class French airline which offers daily flights from Paris to New York on its Boeing 757-200 to 74 passengers, has decided on its IFE system.

The airline has selected the VisiStream IFE system from Vision Systems. The system streams wi-fi AVOD on to 10in and 12in Samsung Galaxy tablets, which are loaned to passengers for the duration of the flight.

Passengers will have access to movies, a moving map, magazines and newspapers, as well as Internet and e-mails at a later stage. They will receive a personalized welcome, will be able to choose their menu and enjoy duty free shopping. The solution includes a 10in flight attendant panel, which allows priority flows onto the passenger tablets (safety instructions, information or advertisements, for example).

The VisiStream system allows AVOD on up to 200 PEDs simultaneously, via one compact box. The system provides wi-fi AVOD with a media center and various options such as connectivity, broadcast, interactive moving map, cabin management or video surveillance. Media content management and update is available by USB connection or in remote access, and STC installation can also be part of the offer.

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