Flypop LCC to launch with Bluebox wireless IFE


UK start-up low-cost airline, Flypop, which is targeting the visiting friends and relatives (VFR) traveller market in South Asia, has selected Bluebox Aviation Systems to provide its Wow ancillary revenue-generating retail and IFE platform on board its Airbus A330 aircraft. The airline is on target to launch with its initial aircraft in October, thereafter adding another aircraft every six months.

Bluebox is providing Flypop with an integrated system that will enable several ancillary revenue streams for the airline, mostly by directly engaging with passengers via their own personal electronic devices (PEDs) during their flight. The system enables touch-free ordering and payments for food & beverages, as well as gifts and other onboard retail products (both ‘card present’ and ‘card not present’ transactions) and will support the airline’s trolley-based retail offer. Though IFE content is available once on board, passengers will also be able to pre-purchase access to films, TV shows and audio within the booking path. Bluebox will also enable other ancillary revenue-generating features and content, such as Gladi8tor Gaming, through LXM Group.

The Wow hardware is a portable, lunchbox-sized unit that can be stowed securely in overhead bins, and it is available in battery- or aircraft-powered options.

Fypop’s chief technology officer, Bobby Bhakar said, “Flying long-haul flights on a low-cost basis means we have to be creative in how we balance revenue and service. Thankfully, Bluebox’s wireless IFE platform provides a means to deliver both – for Flypop to generate revenue at the same time we can offer services to keep our passengers engaged and entertained on board during our direct flights between the UK and South Asia.”

“We’re always excited to welcome new customers on board, and new airlines always elevate that excitement further, but to announce this while our sector is only just beginning to emerge from the effects of the pandemic is a whole new level,” added Kevin Clark, CEO of Bluebox, based in Scotland.

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