Airbus Toulouse gains a full-size A220 mock-up


The Airspace Customer Showroom (ACS) in Toulouse, France has taken delivery of a full-size mock-up of an A220, which will be used to showcase Airbus’s cabin interior expertise for this aircraft type. The Airspace Customer Showroom hosts around 1,000 visits each year, with an average of 250 meetings with airlines.

The mock-up will be available to customers who have already selected the A220, and to Airbus teams dedicated to customising the cabin. Airlines who are in the final configuration phase of their aircraft, will be able to use the space for tasks such as testing their lighting schemes and their seat selection and configuration in the mock-up before taking delivery of their aircraft.

Youy can see the work that went into helping the A220 join its Airbus family members at the Airspace Customer Showroom in THIS VIDEO

Creating the interior layout of the A220 cabin presented a challenge for the Airbus teams, as Christine de Gagné, airline marketing director explained, “In a ground mock-up, the cabin interior must be adaptive and versatile. We need to think about the cabin configuration features, such as light and ambience, enabling customers to experiment with different inspiring scenarios for passengers.”

Christine de Gagné demonstrates the A220 full size mock-up in THIS VIDEO

Airlines can trial their seat selections and configurations in the A220 mock-up before taking delivery of their aircraft

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