MI Airline develops low-cost onboard wi-fi systems


MI Airline, an enterprise supported by Mainport Innovation Fund, founded by KLM, Schiphol Group, Delft University of Technology and Rabobank, has developed two low-cost on-board portable wi-fi fi systems. AirFi is a compact, portable, battery-powered and self-scaling wi-fi network, which is not connected to the aircraft. The second system – the AirFi Box – is designed to be integrated into existing airline logistics and is suitable for creating an alternative IFE system.

According to MI Airline, the AirFi Platform provides passengers with a range of options when they connect their own tablets or smartphones to the network: they can order tax-free or catering products during the entire flight, play (multiplayer) games with other passengers, on-board chat, read destination information, enrol in airline loyalty programmes, or report faulty seats.

Nicolas Peeters, VP of engineering at MI Airline stated, “Additionally, the AirFi Platform is directly integrated with MI Airline’s crew empowerment tablet solution, ‘Connected Crew’. This enables airlines with a complete ancillary sales infrastructure, creating true passenger-centric operations. Airlines can also develop their own applications for passengers and cabin crew on the AirFi Platform, creating the exact brand and customer experience they envision.”

In short: AirFi is classified as a T-PED (Transmitting Personal Electronic Device), offers lightweight multiplayer games, product catalogues, inflight ordering, (miles) payment capabilities using ‘Connected Crew’, digital magazines and newspapers, surveys, (group) chat, targeted advertising, destination information and basic flight information.

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