Spafax adds GUI insights into IFEC data analytics


IFE content media agency, Spafax, has added detailed GUI (graphical user interfaces) insights as part of its Spafax IQ IFEC data analytics platform. The feature includes a dashboard designed to help airlines understand how their passengers navigate their GUI, entertainment preferences, how they discover new content, and compare data across travel classes.

The Spafax IQ data analytics tool gives a view of an airline’s passenger engagement across all IFEC systems, providing views, licence costs, cost-per-view data including cabin, route, category, navigation path, language and more. This analysis can help airlines understand passenger trends and focus content strategy, for example by extending high-performing content or removing what isn’t as successful in order to maximise ROI.

“Through Spafax IQ, we can retrieve, clean and integrate data from at least seven different sources including internal APIs, third-party data portals and cloud data service. All of this translates to an enhanced IFEC product that airlines can pass on to their passengers,” explained Kevin Birchmore, sales director, technical products and solutions at Spafax.

According to Spafax, the system drives net promoter scores (NPS) and improves ROI through content and category discovery. The tool gives indication into how GUI design can be improved much like IFE system scoping and features, such as category and content recommendations.

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