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Aircraft Interiors International Magazine June 2020

JUNE 2020

The June 2020 issue of Aircraft Interiors International is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

COVER STORY: RESTORING PASSENGER CONFIDENCE. Cabin engineering and design, and brand expertise and psychology are key factors for creating a flight experience that will help build passenger trust and confidence, and facilitate the recovery and revitalisation of air travel. industry experts discuss the many pax ex considerations and sketch a route forward to glory

INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENTS: A narrow-body LOPA that enables social distancing with a 65% load factor has been devised by Mario Schisa, CEO of JHAS

EXPERT OPINION: A big name in the airframe and interiors sector, Kent Craver, considers whether the crisis spells doom and gloom or hope and opportunities for the commercial aviation industry

EXPERT OPINION: The fittest airlines emerging from the crisis will be those that position themselves as healthcare companies, says Teague’s senior director of airline experience, Anthony Harcup. This foresight will help them validate money spent in the short term as investments in their long-term future

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: POSITIVE CHANGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FROM A CRISIS. We asked designers and suppliers from across the interiors sector for their views on the changes and opportunities that could emerge for the passenger experience as aviation plans a route to recovery and growth

2020 SEATING REVIEW: From ideas to help enable social distancing in the cabin, to lightweight advances, to new designs that satisfy the valuable business traveller, seat selection is even more critical in 2020’s operations

SEAT COMFORT: Innovations that can help ensure the physical comfort and wellbeing of passengers, as well as making them feel reassured of their safety in the cabin

CABIN HYGIENE: Companies around the world have developed innovative technologies and formulations that can help airlines deliver on a promise that their inflight experience is truly hygienic

CABIN CARGO: The reduction in scheduled flights during the Covid-19 situation has led to a decrease in aircraft belly freight capacity around the world. Modifying cabins to enable cargo is enabling airlines to maximise capacity in cargo-only flights, creating much-needed revenue opportunities and helping enable the supply chain of essential goods to continue. The response has been as rapid as it has been impressive…

IATA INTERVIEW: IATA has a great influence on passengers’ wellbeing in the skies, with a broad scope including guidance on passengers’ physical and mental health during Covid-19, evacuation standards, and promoting technological progress. Jonathan Jasper, IATA’s manager of cabin safety, explains his current concerns and recommendations


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