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CFD is on Tinder!

Yes, it’s true: CFD is on Tinder. Well, as an advert anyway. Envenio’s PR and marketing manager, Rachael Hopwood Jarvis, explores why on-demand, CFD software in the Cloud may just be better than a date, after stumbling across software during a ‘late night swipe-athon’


Aircraft remarketing activity

There are high levels of narrow-body activity in the aircraft sales and leasing market, but the wide-body sector is very different…


Sexism in aerospace: another view

As a male engineer working in aerospace, and as an instructor of aerospace engineering students, James Day would agree with the majority in the poll who voted that there just isn’t the same level of interest in aviation amongst women. However, he would disagree with the blog post author that the reason why there aren’t more women in the industry is sexism


Sexism in aerospace

The results of the Aircraft Interiors International online poll asking ‘Why do you think there is still such a small proportion of female engineers in aviation?’ suggested that the cause is simply due to greater male interest in the sector. This is why the result is flawed – and why the aerospace industry needs to try harder to create true gender equality…


An overview of the 2017 Paris Airshow

Following a successful Paris show this year, an independent aviation consultant gives his view on the aircraft market and the battle for orders at Le Bourget. Let’s find out which aircraft cabins designers are most likely to be working on in the future

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