DRM-agnostic multimedia player launched


July 6, 2017— IdeaNova Technologies, a specialist in IFE and Digital Rights Management (DRM), has released Inplay Instant, a multimedia player that enables any DRM content—such as Hollywood movies— to be played on laptops or any web browser, regardless of the supported DRM Content Decryption Module (CDM).

Many multimedia players are limited to playback only in web browsers using the supported DRM CDM, and also require Flash-based browser plugins, which in turn require connectivity for installation and updates – a sometimes confusing process.

According to IdeaNova Technologies, the Inplay Instant system offers a simple user-friendly installation process that does not require connectivity or installation of plugins. The system can also support adaptive streaming, adaptive download, in-flight chat, multi-language subtitles and audio, data analysis tools and advertising integration with DRM content.

Since the player is DRM agnostic, customers can choose which platform to support, which could give operators the ability to extend the life of existing legacy solutions, such as Widevine Classic or Marlin DRM, without encountering issues with periodic Flash updates, while also supporting the new Dash DRM platforms, for example.

“We believe this will have a huge impact as it gives operators more time to rollout new technology while providing entertainment to customers on their existing platforms,” said Juraj Siska, CTO of IdeaNova Technologies. 

According to the company, the player fills a gap in the common encryption technology (CENC) environment, which is still maturing. As DRM vendors are consolidating on the encryption algorithms and making their CDMs more robust and secure, Inplay Instant enables operators to fall back on a platform that is guaranteed to work every time a user wants to play DRM content

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